Bright Colored Pure Silk Scarves from India

Bright elegant colored silk scarves from India

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These are our great collection of pure Indian silk scarves in gorgeous solid colors.  If you want simple glossy elegant silk scarf then this is the scarf you must wear.
These scarves are made of nice pure silk fabric materials and super lightweight, very glossy and elegant. The bright color of the scarves will make you more elegant in any occasional wear. All edges are sewed with picot stitch.

Color: red, blue, yellow, green and black (color may vary slightly from photos);

Dimension: 72″ long, 20″ wide

(Only dry clean recommended).

Silk fabric is a natural fiber produced from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm via a process called Sericulture. The yarns produced from the process of sericulture are used to weave a variety of textiles. The processing techniques of silk – degumming and reeling, were taken from the Chinese technology, where silk was originally believed to be born. Majorly, 97% of the raw silk comes from five Indian states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

The silk fabric has a shimmering appearance, since it is a natural fiber, pure silk has a smooth and soft texture.  The present silk is called Murshidabad Silk: A Silk produced at the ‘Silk Mecca’ of East India. Murshidabad silk is very fine, lightweight and easy to drape. The silk fabric has the characteristics of absorbance, it looks like the light source is mild, and it is bright as natural pearls; while the simulated silk and satin surface is darker, and the gloss is similar to that of metal materials.

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Dimensions 72 × 20 in

yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Red


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