Metal Vase from India

Single rose vase – an intricate metal craft from India.

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A perfect vase to decorate your table as a centerpiece. This Metal Crafted Flower Vase is entirely hand crafted by the local Indian artisans. Can be used for any occasion. Also serves as a great gifting item.  Can hold water; perfect flower vase.

Color : metallic black, white gold            

Dimension: 8″ tall, 1″ diameter, 0.5″ opening

Metal Art of India:

In India there is an abundance of metal ore. Craftsmen use different metals like iron, copper, silver and alloys like bronze, bell metal, white metal etc to make a variety of items. The handicraft industry produces daily utilitarian items as well as decorative items too; such as pots, pans, utensils, photo frames, sculptures of deities, mythological figures, vases, figurines and animals etc.

The craftsmen of Kashmir are also known for richly engraved traditional household items like bowls, samovars, plates and trays. Intricate floral and calligraphic patterns are embossed on copper and silver items. These items are then oxidized, which makes the design to stand out from the background. This work is known as ‘naquashi’.

Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is world famous for its range of brass items. A wide range of household items like pots, trays, bowls and decorative pieces are made here and are decorated with intricate etching.

Rajasthan too is known for its rich tradition of metal work. In Rajasthan, Jaipur is the main center for brass engraving and lacquering.

Then there are several others like the Eastern region tribal belt that produces the Dhokra metal art and Bidar in Karnataka that produces the Bidri- inlay metal casting.

Craft Montaz has direct connections with artisans of India, so you can get the most authentic and most beautifully crafted metallic handicrafts at the most reasonable prices.

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