Table Decor from India

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Table Decor from India– A beautiful table doesn’t have to be expensive. Handmade table decor can look fabulous. Craft Montaz provides you with a wide range of home décor ideas, especially table décor ideas and items from India at an affordable rate to decorate your table. Choose from stones arts-animals, marbles animal crafts, wooden animal figurines, and mental flower vases. All sourced directly from the Indian local artisans and are handmade table décors.

A brief introduction to our products – We have arts and crafts from India, such as stone arts and animal crafts. Stone arts mainly include animal marbles, such as turtle marbles and marble carved trunk up elephants. Animal crafts mainly include deer crafts, horse crafts, camel crafts, and turtle crafts. Also, we have wooden animal figurines and metal flower vases on our website. Wooden animal figurines include wooden peacock figurines and wooden elephant figurines. A special vase of flowers may be a good choice for table decoration or Christmas gifts. All these items from India are awesome and unique, which are suitable for gift shopping.

Gifts shop—— Handmade arts and crafts are unique gifts for friends, even great birthday gifts and gifts for Christmas. Imagine that you are struggling with choosing unique and affordable gifts online, then you see Indian gifts jumped into your eyes, will you be curious about that? And Indian arts and crafts may be appealing to men, so it is a good idea to choose an animal marble art or wooden animal figurines as gifts for men’s birthday. Except for gifts for friends and birthday, you can also buy gifts for your home for this coming Christmas. Whatever the reason for gift shopping, you can enjoy our free shipping.