Ethnic Terracotta Jewelry

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Terracotta Jewelry in India Derived from an Italian word, which means “baked earth”, terracotta (Latin terra cocta) justifies its meaning very well. Handcrafting is one of the oldest human activities next in importance to agriculture. Indian handicrafts can be traced to great antiquity. The country had forged ahead and made great strides in pushing the handicrafts into the world market. Indian Art represents that special chapter in World Art that expounds man’s search for truth, through the visual medium. Crafting terracotta jewelry is one such handicraft art that has become important in recent times. Inspired from mythology, traditional motifs, geometrical patterns and God’s greatest gift NATURE, India has now become one of the leading countries manufacturing high quality and fine finish terracotta jewelry. The jewelries are made by baking the clay at a very high temperature and then artistically carved by craftsmen which are the most labor oriented part in the whole manufacturing process. Inspired by nature, the themes of these terracotta jewelries are generally folk. Traditional and contemporary designs are also available to cater to every age group. This Indian hand crafted jewelry is therefore an example of eco-awareness thus maintaining both its aesthetic and functional value.