African Decor

Shop an exclusive collection of wooden and stone based home decor items from African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Zambia etc. with free shipping in the U.S.

African crafts have intricate and intriguing designs and motifs that have come from the lush jungles, uncontrollable and savage deserts, and the diversity of African animals.

There are other reasons to collect African crafts. When you buy African home decor, you stimulate their economy, not only by donations, but in return for their valuable skills, thus encouraging African artisans.

Wood is one of the most commonly available materials used by the African artisans, often embellished by clay, shells, beads, ivory, metal, feathers and shredded raffia. Wood carvings are more popular with the artisans and the most common forms of African sculptures are human or animal form in wood or soapstone.

Craft Montaz deals in a wide variety of African home decor items, ranging from wood and soapstone carvings to baskets and hand woven fans.