Wood Carvings from Bali, Indonesia

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Wood Carvings from Bali, Indonesia- Bali wood statues and carvings are produced inland on the tropical island where the talented wood carvers produce hand carved items. For centuries wood carvers and artists have used their skills for architectural purposes in temples, palaces and houses creating intricate detailed wall art and plaques. Art sculpture in Bali is made for religious as well as for decorative purpose. Bali is famous for its handicrafts such as carvings from stone, wood, kites, baskets, wooden handmade instruments to name a few. Many handicrafts from Bali are handmade in traditional village environments and are therefore unique pieces. The Bali wood carving uses mainly natural media, such as stone, wood, horn and bone. Most of the wood carvings of Bali are painted in a variety of colors and only very few are unpainted and kept in their natural state.