Balinese Wood Art-Yoga Posture

Enjoy the dynamic energy of yoga in an impossible pose.

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Wayan Rendah captures the dynamic energy of a gymnast in an impossible pose. The fluid curves of her lithe, youthful body are portrayed in a figurative style, heightened by the warm glow of the suar wood. The polished grain enhances the cool line of a beautiful signature piece. Wood grain, color, and pattern may differ slightly from picture.

About the artist:

Wayan Rendah:

“I was born in Bali on June 17, 1973. I am the oldest of seven children, in a family consisting of four brothers and three sisters. I started to learn to sculpt at the age of eight when I was still in primary school, learning from my father how to carve traditional statues from wood. Balinese woodcarving touches me very deeply. I have learned a variety of arts in Bali, such as gamelan dance, but carving a piece of wood gives me an incomparable sensation.

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