Masks from Bali, Indonesia

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Bali masks are solely produced for sacred dances in the temples in Indonesia. The Balinese are masters in creating masks and this talent is passed from one generation to the next. Today, the masks are still worn during temple dances, the celebration of the various stages of life, the rice planting, the harvesting season, and the victory of good over evil in Indonesia. Typically, Bali masks are made from wood. However, depending on the specific region where they come from, they are made from a number of materials. The goal of the Bali mask is to scare off evil spirits, sickness, or to prevent natural disasters such as famine, drought, and floods. There are different types of Bali masks like human masks, animal masks, god mask, and demon masks. The funny Bali mask like the Barong Ketket mask are used to tone down diseases while the Rangda mask has a huge tong, sharp fangs, bulging eyes, and a devilish look. Bali masks feature in cultural celebrations depicting various mythical characters, creatures, and deities.