Tribal Aboriginal Dotted Mask from Indonesia

Beautiful colorful dotted mask from Indonesia

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Tribal Aboriginal Art Decor dotted Wood mask from Bali, Indonesia. This mask is Hand carved & hand painted on aboriginal Wood by Artisans in Indonesia. Ideal for great wall decoration for home, bar, pub, Restaurant, office or study.  Hand Painted By Great Artisans, Manual stippling. Colorful decoration Patterns design.

Easy to display with a rope hanging.

The sacred Aboriginal colors, said to be given to the Aborigines during the Dream time, are Black, Red, Yellow and White. Black represents the earth, marking the campfires of the dream time ancestors. Red represents fire, energy and blood – ‘Djang’, a power found in places of importance to the Aborigines. Dots symbolize stars, sparks, burnt ground etc. as the base of an Aboriginal painting is the organization of the earth and the ancestral connection with it.

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