Talavera Pottery from Mexico

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Mexican Talavera pottery itself is a form of Majolica, which refers to all types of handmade enameled earthenware. It was first developed in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and was further refined in China where it became very popular.

Since the 16th century, Mexican craftsmen have been producing Talavera pottery. This art form has evolved from ancient cultures and influenced the production of pottery in Mexico resulting in the exquisite Talavera pottery that is available today. Talavera is a type of majolica earthenware that is fired at extremely high temperatures producing a very durable product. The crafted pieces are baked in an oven at 850C, which turns the grayish colored clay into the well known brick colored pottery known as “jahuete”. Then, one by one the pieces are dipped into an earthenware glaze, which ultimately gives them their characteristic brilliance and color. Each piece is then hand decorated using colors prepared from mineral pigments. Afterward, the pieces are once again fired in the oven for many hours, this time at 1050C, resulting in a beautiful work of art. These techniques produce unique pieces that are truly works of art. Vibrant colors and delicate details are trademarks of Talavera pottery that give it the characteristic color and brilliance known only to Talavera ware.

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