Handcrafted Llama in Colorful Costume from Peru

Own this adorable, lovable Llama for your home decoration.


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Today it’s not unusual to see llamas dressed in colorful costumes in public squares in Andean towns. This is a longstanding cultural tradition, symbolizing power, respect and reverence among indigenous people. This cute colorful Lama is fully handcrafted with alpaca yarn. Made in Peru. The long pompoms are attached to ears all made by hand. This adorable and lovable Llama is dressed in a gorgeous way for holiday festivities in the highlands of Peru.

Dimension: 10″ tall x 5″ wide x 3″ depth

Weight: 8.2oz.

In the ancient Incan civilization, llamas were more than just pack animals. They held a prominent place in society, symbolizing wealth and status. Being the primary beast of burden in the vast Incan empire, llamas played a crucial role in trade and transportation across the challenging mountain terrains.


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