Lombok Style Napkin Rings- Set of Six

Beautiful napkin rings from Indonesia


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In an effort to rise above economic hardship and provide a better standard of living for their families, Sasak Lombok Craft is a group of over 100 women from Indonesia who create beautiful handicrafts. They make this set of six napkin rings by hand, wrapping cotton and weaving ate grass fibers in the traditional Lombok style around bamboo stalks. Using the batik method, they apply a wax resist to the cotton before submerging it in vats of dye to achieve its beautiful floral motifs.

Color: rust, green

Dimension: 2.2″ long x 1.2″ opening

Sasak Lombok Craft was established in 2008 and recruited almost 100 women artisans with rattan weaving skills that have been taught from generation to generation.

The Indonesian island of Lombok is well-known as a tourism destination with beautiful beaches and waterfalls. It’s also known for its traditional craft villages that create fine handmade textiles, elegant woodcarvings, pottery and rattan weaving.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.2 in

Rust, Green


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