Craft Montaz is a Woman owned online retail business, which was launched in 2009 by Dr. Malabika Chaudhuri. Malabika started this business with the passion for crafting jewelry, scarves for women.  Since then, she brought in a variety of home decor products collecting from round the world through Fair Trade Organizations by which she indirectly helps local artisans around the world.  Craft Montaz works with world artisans to promote their artwork throughout USA.

Craft Montaz has now become a one-stop shop for home decor, fashions and jewelry collections from around the world which are 100% handmade by creative artisans.

With all the arts and crafts offered on this site, we have two objectives – to provide you with beautiful, functional, unique pieces of artwork, and to farther the economic development of the rural men and women artisans of underdeveloped countries utilizing Fair Trade principles. We have a great variety of handmade, Fair Trade products that fit into your lifestyle. The Craft Montaz collection features ethnic fashion and home decor pieces that add a touch of intricate creativity to your wardrobe and home.