Hand-Crafted Oval Ceramic Serving Plate

Serve your guests in decorated plate.

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Flowers blossom with an exuberant feast of colors on a platter designed in the Talavera style of the state of Puebla. The motifs are painted by hand over the ivory-color ceramic plate with a palette that includes yellow-orange, blue, and green flowers over a crisscross network of dots and crosses. Bordered by a black honeycomb, this oval plate comes from the ‘Zacatlán Flowers’ collection designed by Pedro Tecayehuatl. Free of lead and toxins, Hand wash only, Signed by the artist,Hand-crafted item — color, size and/or motif may vary slightly, Not for use in microwave oven.

Talavera is a distinctive art form brought to Mexico by artisans from Talavera de la Reina, Spain. The ceramic artisans of Puebla, Mexico then incorporated Chinese designs, thus creating the blue and oyster-white patterns traditionally associated with Talavera Poblana. Today there are also more “contemporary” designs that include yellow, green, orange, mauve, black and red.

National and international conventions require that a rigorous procedure be followed in the elaboration of authentic Talavera-style ceramics. Each individual piece will be slightly different, and therefore a unique work of art.

From the artist’s mouth:
Original Artisan Story

“I was 15 years old when I started my own workshop, thanks to my father’s sage advice. He taught me everything there is to know about this craft, for he comes from a family of ceramists. I was a little boy when I started following dad around his workshop, getting familiar with everything in it, and learning the processes – from kneading the clay, to decorate the pieces and pack them.”
“Little by little I learned the techniques and honed my skills under my family’s watchful eye and enthusiasm. From dad I learned about dedication and responsibility to my work, and from mom I learned about perseverance, discipline and saving.”

“One must have an in depth knowledge of the techniques and the processes – they require control and discipline. All the preparation is done and supervised at the workshop. We’re not only concerned with maintaining our high quality but also with preserving an enthusiastic and agreeable working environment. The way we work differs from other traditional ceramics workshops in Puebla, and I think that makes a difference.”


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