Folk Art Embroidered Wall Tapestry

beautiful wall tapestry for your living room

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This tapestry textile is exclusively hand embroidered with black thread on cream colored cotton material. The tapestry has traditional tribal Santal dancing circle thread work all over its body. Can be framed and used as a wall mount in your living room. Nature is always present in this folk tale in the form of trees, birds, animals etc.

Size: ~27″ long, ~24″ wide

Slight variation of color from the product image possible.

The Santal traditionally accompany many of their dances with two drums: the Tamak’ and the Tumdak’. The flute was considered the most important Santal traditional instrument and still evokes feelings of nostalgia for many Santal. Dance is an integral part of all festivities of the Santhal community. It is not only a performing art, but a way of life for them. Santal women dance in a large group with hand in hand together as an unified community always.

Basic of Kantha Embroidery:

Kantha is one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in India. Kantha is one of the beautiful styles of Indian embroidery, practiced largely in the Bengal. It’s a simple style of running stitch which is used to create the most beautiful, intricate patterns. Contemporary Kantha however uses white cotton or silk as a base fabric. An entire piece of fabric may be covered with running Kantha stitch and in different shapes – creating beautiful motifs of flowers, animals, birds, geometrical shapes as well as themes from everyday activities.


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Dimensions 27 × 24 in


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