Beautiful Kantha Stitched Wall Hanging

Decorate your foyer wall with unique art

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This beautiful horizontal Kantha mural is created by hand stitch on a raw tassar silk material.  This hand stitched painting depicts a forest scene where different animals are found to roam in a forest and all are stitched with different color of thread to distinguish between. This exclusive wall mount is an excellent piece of handmade Katha stitch embroidery work. The use of several range of lively color can add spark to the wall of your kid’s room.

Background area of the silk is stitched with silk silver thread running kantha stitch.

Size:~ 77″ long and ~48″ wide

Dry clean only if required, no hand wash or machine wash.

Kantha is one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in India. Kantha is one of the beautiful styles of Indian embroidery, practiced largely in the Bengal. It’s a simple style of running stitch which is used to create the most beautiful, intricate patterns. Decorate your kid’s room wall with this beautiful unique artwork.


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