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Lucky Trunk Up Elephant Sculpture from India

The trunk up elephant will bring good luck to you.

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This trunk up elephant is made of kadam wood, fully handcrafted. Wooden jali elephant with baby carved inside. Trunk up elephant is considered an auspicious symbol & symbolize many things including, Dignity, Fidelity, Good fortune, Good luck, Intelligence, Longevity, Power, Strength, Success, Virility & Wisdom. Elephant statues are popular worldwide.

Color: Natural wood

Dimension: 4″ tall, 3″‘ long, 1.5″ depth

Antique wooden elephant of rarely found kadam wood is considered to be the most auspicious all over the world which defines prosperity and fortune to everyone’s life. It symbolizes strength, capacity tolerance and potentiality towards social relations of human being. This Kadam wood is worshiped in Indian origin. This wood symbolizes Hindu god lord Shiva. That’s why this wooden elephant is believed to be very auspicious. This wooden elephant creates positive thoughts in arena.

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Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 4 in


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