Pine Wood Napkin Rings of Set of 4-“Tropical Birds”.

Beautiful lightweight wooden napkin rings


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Colorful tropical birds from El Salvador come to life as napkin rings. By members of the God’s Seed Cooperative, the quartet is beautifully crafted of pinewood and painted by hand.

Dimension: 3.9″ long x 2.9″ tall x 0.7″ thickness, 1″ opening

Made in El Salvador

Artist Cooperative:

God’s Seed cooperative was founded in 1977 in El Salvador. Among the founders is the painter Fernando Llort who, together with other artisans, created world-famous designs. They started work in 1976 with a workshop school to teach painting and carpentry skills, and then the cooperative was founded. They chose the name God’s Seed to honor the seed of the jatoba or copal tree because, from the beginning, they painted beautiful landscapes on these seeds and sold them.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 × 0.7 × 2.9 in


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